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"When will my nipples come out of my breast?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen will my nipples come out of my breast?


Im 25 yrs old gal, my breast has grown bt still my nipples has not came out, im scared that im having a problem, could you please help?


This is a good discussion to have with your doctor. It sounds like you have a condition known as inverted nipples. This occurs when the breast develop normally but the nipples point inwards rather than protruding. In the vast majority of women who have inverted nipples, this is not a medical problem and does not cause any difficulty later in life. It has to do with the stiffness of connective tissue inside of the breast pulling on the nipple, and it does not represent cancer or any other serious medical problem. As such, inverted nipples generally should be thought of as just a normal variant on breast anatomy rather than a true problem. The one time when inverted nipples may be troublesome for women is if they decide to have a child and wish to breastfeed. Although again the majority of women with inverted nipples can breast feed without trouble, in some cases breastfeeding can be difficult because the baby has trouble latching on to the nipple. Again, I would suggest mentioning this issue to your primary care or OB GYN doctor. They may diagnose you with inverted nipples and provide you with additional guidance on the topic. Good luck!

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