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"Sharp pain in right side, migraines, weight loss no appetite?"

ZocdocAnswersSharp pain in right side, migraines, weight loss no appetite?


in the past few months i have had something weird going on that we cant fivure out what is going on. tests come back negative for everything. it started with severe migraines that would put me in the er since then i have had swelling that wont go away on my left side of my neck the whole thing not lymph nodes sore jaw pain on lower right quadrent anterior pain same place just excruciating during intercorse 0 libido mood swing loss of apatite and resulting in 20 lb weight loss in the past 2 months. i am 24 with 2 kids have had a diagnoses of fibromyalgia and sarcoidosis both have been ruled out as to causes any test to ru or ideas would be wonderful im just so frustrated and sick of being sick and unable to work


If you have been seeing your primary care or specialist doctor regularly through this process, and the tests are all coming back negative, then that is very encouraging, because it means that there is probably not a serious underlying undiscovered medical process at work. I would suggest taking a step back and working with your doctors to see if all of these symptoms might be in some way related to your fibromyalgia and mood symptoms. People who have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia often a disturbance in the way their bodies process pain signals, which can lead to a lot of diffuse pain symptoms. These pain symptoms that are chronic and unrelieved can in turn trigger a deterioration of mood symptoms, which then worsen the pain symptoms, and so on. Breaking out of this cycle usually requires a multidisciplinary team, which can include a fibromyalgia or pain specialist as well as a psychiatrist. In addition, complementary therapies, such as exercise, meditation, and the like are also very helpful. I would start by seeing if you can discuss the whole complex of your symptoms the doctor who knows you best and who is treating your fibromyalgia, to see if this idea makes sense.

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