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"My husband and I have pain in our sides - why?"

ZocdocAnswersMy husband and I have pain in our sides - why?


My husbands pain is in the leftside between his ribs and hip, he says it comes and goes and his urine is deep yellow and his groin hurts and he has these white pimple like things on his sack area, he has no stds we get checked every year. My pain is on my right and I have had 3 kids. The pain started 6 months after my 3rd child. And when I wear a girdle the pain is longer lasting and mre sharper. And I have blood clots painfully on my cycle time and my blood pressure raises really high when I'm cycleing too. I'm just needing to know somethingm and b4 I goto the doctor bcuz I can't afford togo.


First of all, I would suggest that both of you individually go to see your primary care doctors. There are sometimes different causes of pain like this in men and women, so it may be that your individual pains are not related to each other. Regarding your husband, his doctor will probably want to check a urine test for urine infection and may also want to recheck for sexually transmitted infections. His doctor may also check his prostate for any symptoms of inflammation. The pimples on his scrotum may not be related to his other symptoms and will need to be evaluated independently. In your case, the fact that your pain is more longstanding and is worse when you are on your period suggest that something related to your menstrual cycle is the cause of your pain. The potential causes could include cysts on the ovaries, endometriosis, and fibroids in the uterus, among others. Your OB GYN doctor will be able to perform a pelvic examination and may want additional studies as well, especially an ultrasound of the pelvis to help figure things out a bit more closely. Contact your doctors as soon as you both can for help figuring things out!

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