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"Why do i get a tightness in my stomach especially after eating or drinking water?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do i get a tightness in my stomach especially after eating or drinking water?


Hey, 22 male. I been having this problem with my stomach and i been getting this tightness in my stomach that gets tighter when i eat or drink water. I dont know if its because of over masturbating because i was addicted to it but i recently stopped and its like going on week 3. It almost feel like cramps or pinch nerves sometimes but when i exhale it feels like there is no where for the air to go. Its more like a discomfort then a pain but i have been urinating frequently or have a urges to. When i stool its loose but i haven't went to a doctor yet. I am really scared because Im 22 in college and i don't want to die please help me. The tightness is off and on when i wake up it feels fine but soon as i start eating it gets tight.


I would recommend going to see your primary care doctor about this issue. Your symptoms are somewhat vague, so it will be important to have a good physical examination to help narrow down the potential causes. Depending on where the pain is, this could represent gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach line, or a stomach ulcer. Pain in the upper part of the abdomen under the ribs that is associated with food often accompanies these two conditions. However, this wouldn't explain the urinary symptoms. If the pain is lower in the abdomen, over the bladder, then this would better go along with the other urinary symptoms you are having, in which case looking for a urinary tract infection, a sexually transmitted infection, or inflammation in the prostate all might be necessary. It is also possible that all of the symptoms together represent anxiety or your body's reaction to stress in your life. After performing a physical examination, your doctor will help you decide whether or not additional tests, such as basic blood and urine tests, are necessary at this time. They can also help you figure out what treatment might be needed to help relieve the symptoms.

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