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"How can I prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex?


She was on the 7th day of her period. I consulted one doctor after 20 hrs or so and he suggested to take femilon tablet twice a day for three days from thereafter. Should I give her emergency tablets or continue with the dosage of femilon?


Femilon is a standard oral contraceptive pill. Although it is not designed specifically for use as emergency contraception after unprotected sex, it can be used for this indication, just like many other oral contraceptive pills can be. The exact number of pills that needs to be taken should be determined by consulting the prescribing physician; however, usually just two doses of an oral contraceptive pill (taken about 12 hours apart) are needed for emergency contraception. Therefore, the 3 day dosing seems a bit unusual to me. Emergency contraception can have side effects which may need to be monitored by a doctor. It is not generally a good idea to be consulting on behalf of another person; rather, it is better for the person affected (in this case, your sexual partners) to have direct access to her own doctor. This is because her own primary doctor will know her medical history and will be able to make individualized recommendations directly to her. Therefore, the most helpful thing would be to help her be in direct contact with her doctor so that she can get advice from them without needing to go through an intermediary.

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