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"Is there anything I can do to improve my asymmetrical face?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there anything I can do to improve my asymmetrical face?


As I said my face is extremely asymmetrical but nobody notices it except if I show them. I know it's normal that one side of the face is different to the other but mine is really different. My left cheekbone is really smaller than the other, my eyebrows are uneven, my nose is crooked, my jaw is crooked too and I hear some sort of clicking sound in it. What should I do and what causes this? I apologise for my bad english (not my first language) and please answer me because it's sirously affecting my self esteem.


I'm sorry to hear that this is an issue for you. Probably the easiest thing for you to address would be the "crooked jaw" and popping sound in the jaw that seems to come and go. These suggest that you may have an issue with the alignment of your teeth or your bite, which is something that your dentist or your orthodontist can check out for you. They can help make recommendations about any potential treatment options for this issue. Regarding the other issues, these are more complex and would require consultation with a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon. These physicians are skilled in performing surgical procedures to augment or change the look of various body parts, such as the nose, cheekbones, etc. Some of these procedures are more difficult or more costly than others, and setting up a visit with one of these specialists would be the best way to start figuring out what your options might be. Most of the time, cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by health insurance, which is often a factor that limits what options you might have, but this is something to talk about with the doctor. Good luck!

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