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"Why is my iron so low?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my iron so low?


I have not had a period for a year now. I went to donate blood and they deferred me cause my iron was low why is this


Whenever you go to a center to donate blood, they take a small drop of blood usually from a fingertip and perform a quick screening test for anemia. This test is not very accurate, but it is designed to keep people who have low blood counts from donating blood (since removing blood from the body will drop the counts even lower). What you should do, therefore, is go to see your primary care doctor and tell them about this experience. They will be able to perform formal blood tests to confirm the diagnosis of anemia and also to help figure out exactly why you have anemia. Anemia can be caused by different things, including low levels of iron or other essential nutrients like vitamin B12, and the blood tests your doctor will perform will help distinguish between these causes (and therefore point towards the correct treatment). I think the fact that you are not having periods may also need to be investigated, unless you are of the age where menopause is the most likely explanation. So make sure to mention this issue to your doctor as well. Good luck!

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