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"How do I get rid of a cartilage bump?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I get rid of a cartilage bump?


I've tried putting water mixed with salt on it and hydrogen peroxide. Its pretty painful to the touch. the color is flesh toned with a small hint of pink. I really hope there are other home cures for it. i REALLY hope my only option isnt surgery to get the bumps removed. HELP!! please


One of the important things missing from your question is where exactly this bump is, which makes it a bit more difficult to give accurate advice. However, the fact that you have a flesh colored growth somewhere on your skin that is not going away suggest at the very least that you need to see a doctor for further evaluation. The most important thing will be to rule out a skin cancer. For example, basal cell carcinoma is a slow growing form of skin cancer that can look a lot like the description you are giving. Your doctor will take a look at the growth and determine whether or not there is any risk that this is a cancer. If they are concerned, then they will want to have the growth removed with a minor surgery. Generally this is not a big deal, assuming the bump is small, as it can usually be removed in the office with just some local numbing medicine. The removed tissue can then be sent to the pathologist for review and final determination of whether or not there is any cancer present. Start by contacting your doctor's office today! Don't delay getting this growth checked out.

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