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"What is this red, itchy bump on my front pelvis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this red, itchy bump on my front pelvis?


Hi, I've had this red, itchy bump on my front pelvis for the past 3 weeks. It scabbed at one point then the scab fell off but it didn't go away. It hasn't gotten any bigger but it hasn't gone away


I would recommend seeing your regular doctor, either your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor, about this issue since the spot has been ongoing for 3 weeks now and hasn't gone away. They can take a look and help you figure out what this might be. There are several different possibilities. First, this could be a form of a skin infection. Common skin infections that can occur in this area of the body include boils, where bacteria get into the skin at the base of a hair shaft, causes inflammation and redness. Sometimes, these can turn into an abscess, which may require drainage in order to heal properly. The fact that the spot is itchy means that it could also be a form of an allergic reaction to something you skin has come into contact with. A very common form of this, for example, is a metal allergy, which can develop if your skin rubs against a button from your pants or a belt buckle. Similarly, eczema can spring up in small patches pretty much anywhere on the body. Your doctor can help figure out which of these (or other) possibilities are most likely and can recommend the appropriate treatment.

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