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"How can I get rid of this bump on my eyelid?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get rid of this bump on my eyelid?


Ok well i have this bump on my left bottom lid and it was white but then it popped and it drained but its still here and i want it to leave i tryed drops and warm compresses but haven been leaving it on long plz get back to me with an answer


It sounds like this probably was a stye (also known as a hordeolum) which is a localized infection which typically develops at the base of one of the eyelashes or within one of the small glands that line the edge of the eyelid. Generally a stye will evolve to the point where it develops a white head and then pops and drains. At this point, most styes will go away completely. However, since your bump is still there, this suggests that it may have evolved into a chalazion, which is a more chronic inflammatory condition that can persist for a long while. Sometimes, chalazions will respond to continued compresses as you are doing. However, sometimes they can require additional treatment. For this reason, I would recommend making an appointment to see an eye doctor. They can help you decide whether something needs to be done right now. For example, sometimes a chalazion needs to be opened up and removed surgically. Other times, a local injection of a steroid medication may help the bump resolve. Either way, start by calling and making an appointment with your eye doctor for an evaluation, and good luck!

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