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"What causes your leg to vibrate?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes your leg to vibrate?


Feels like a cell phone vibrating in my pocket.


This is a question to discuss with your primary care doctor. There are a couple of different potential causes of this strange sensation you are having. The most likely possibility would be some spontaneous twitching in a muscle in the leg. This tends to occur when the muscle becomes fatigued, say after a vigorous workout. Most of the time, resting the muscle will allow the twitching to go away without the need for any further treatment. Another possibility would be a pinched nerve or other nerve injury, which can give a range of strange sensations from vibration to numbness, burning, or tingling. Finally, sometimes muscle spasms can be caused by imbalances in chemicals in the blood, such as potassium or calcium. Again, I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor about this issue, especially if it is persistent and not getting better. They will be able to examine the leg and help figure out whether this is a problem that needs further investigation. When you go to see your doctor, make sure to mention if you have any other symptoms, such as similar sensations elsewhere in the body or any weakness, as this information may help your doctor narrow down the list of potential causes.

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