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"How can I heal a cut on my vagina?"


It is red and raw and stings so badly, it is now bigger and is on my leg. The plasters smell. I have had it for a few days now.


I cannot tell from your question exactly what is going on. You mention a cut on your vagina, but then you also mention something going on with your leg and the use of plasters. My recommendation would be that you see your primary care doctor right away so that they can examine you and help figure out what is going on.

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The fact that the injured area seems to be painful with redness or inflammation that is spreading is concerning for some type of infection, such as cellulitis. Cellulitis is a superficial infection of the skin that is cause when bacteria gain entrance through a cut. They then cause pain, redness, swelling, and warmth in a spreading area of the skin. Cellulitis requires prompt medical attention, because it does not usually improve without the use of prescription antibiotics. Some cases of cellulitis are severe enough that they may require hospitalization for intravenous antibiotics, whereas other cases can be treated at home with oral antibiotics. Your doctor will be able to examine the affected area and help you decide exactly what this is and what treatments is required at this time.

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