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"Constant eye bag under just my right eye.. how do I get rid of it? "

ZocdocAnswersConstant eye bag under just my right eye.. how do I get rid of it?


I am nineteen, weigh 120lbs, and am 5'8'' I have had a visible eye bag under my eye that looks like I slept way too long but its there all the time.. 24 hours a day and it is under my right eye only. I am worried and do not know how to resolve this. Does anyone know what might be causing this?


In someone your age, the most likely cause of a visible "bag under the eye" is congestion of blood in the veins that lie just under the skin in that location. Because the skin under the eyes is delicate and thin, congested veins show through more easily than they do in other body locations, leading to the dark discoloration that is so cosmetically undesirable. My first recommendation to you would be to see your primary care doctor for an evaluation. Although it is highly unlikely that this issue represents a serious medical problem, there are a few medical conditions that can be causes and that are easy to treat. These include sinus congestion and chronic nasal allergies. If your doctor detects one of these conditions, they will likely want to prescribe an anti allergy or decongestant medication and see if that makes any difference. On the other hand, if there is no identifiable cause, then this is probably just a normal skin variant that does not specifically require treatment. In this case, you can consult with a beautician or cosmetologist to see if there are any make-up solutions or skin-toning solutions that might make the discoloration appear less obvious.

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