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"Started my period 2 weeks early? Heavy bleeding, is this normal?"

ZocdocAnswersStarted my period 2 weeks early? Heavy bleeding, is this normal?


I was on birth control for a few months, but stopped taking it at the end of the pack about 3 months ago. My periods were either on time or a a little late after I stopped birth control but overall they were normal. My husband and I are currently trying to concieve again so I have been taking prenatal vitamins and monitoring my ovulation. We had sex on my most fertile days about 4-5 days ago. Today I woke up with a pool of blood in my underwear. The bleeding seems to only be getting worse. Is this normal or should I see my doctor immediately?


I would definitely see your OB GYN doctor if the bleeding seems to be getting worse. This would be to make sure that you are not losing so much blood that you require some treatment to stop the bleeding. Especially if you are feeling faint, have any palpitations, or feel weak - these would be the symptoms most concerning for heavy bleeding. Your doctor will also be able to help you figure out why you are bleeding so much. Sometimes, after conception, there can be some spotting and cramping when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. Usually this is not a significant amount of bleeding however. Also the time course is a bit short for implantation, but perhaps could coincide if your reckoning of when you ovulated was a bit off. Similarly, an early miscarriage can cause a significant amount of bleeding; however, once again, the dates and timeline that you give seem a bit short for this. In any case, your doctor can perform a complete examination and can also determine if additional testing (such as an ultrasound) is needed. If there is evidence that the bleeding is significant, they can give you medication to slow things down. Make an appointment with your doctor right away!

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