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"Is it possible to remove dark spots on my tongue?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it possible to remove dark spots on my tongue?


I have dark spots on my tongue. It really doesnt look good. I think I got it from burning my tongue when tasting hot food when I'm cooking. I have had it for a while. Is there anything I can use to remove these dark spots


There are several different medical causes of dark spots on the tongue that need to be investigated before attributing this to tasting hot foods, which doesn't typically cause discoloration of the tongue. Therefore, I would recommend going to see your primary care doctor about this issue. You could also see your dentist, as dentists are typically trained to identify a wide range of problems with the mouth and tongue. One possibility is something known as "hairy tongue" which can be triggered in the setting of tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, or inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). Often it will clear up when these problems are rectified. Another concerning possibility that would need to be ruled out is a cancer of the tongue. Both oral cancers and also melanoma can present as dark spots on the tongue. If your doctor is concerned about the possibility of a cancer or precancerous spot after performing a physical examination, they will want to order a biopsy. A biopsy involves removing a small piece of tissue and sending it for microscopic examination by a pathologist, who will be able to rule out cancer as the cause. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can!

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