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"Can an eye become permanently blind from a poke?"

ZocdocAnswersCan an eye become permanently blind from a poke?


About thirty years ago my dad had some work done on his eyes. The doctor accidentally injured his left eye with some kind of a device. He had barely arrived in America, so he didn't know anything about monetary damages. Over the years, the color of his pupil gradually faded. Today it is completely white. I don't think he can see out of it anymore. I want to know if it can be fixed. Or is his left eye permanently blind? Thanks.


I would definitely recommend that your father go to see his eye doctor about this issue. It is possible that whatever is going on with his eye might be related to his previous eye surgery. It is also, however, possible that this could be caused by a number of other eye conditions. For example, if the white color is right in the center of the pupil, then this might represent a cataract, which is a condition in which the lens in the eye degenerates over time, mostly due to aging. This definitely can lead to trouble seeing. On the other hand, if the white discoloration is more in a circle around the colored part of the eye, then this might be arcus senilis, which is a benign change in the eye that occurs with aging and does not affect vision. Finally, if the white discoloration is more "on top" of the eye and irregular, then this might represent corneal scarring, which would be more likely to have been caused by previous trauma to the eye. Regardless, the most important step is for him to see his eye doctor, who can figure out what is going on and what can be done about it.

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