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"What are these red itchy spots on my thighs, chest, back, hands, and butt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are these red itchy spots on my thighs, chest, back, hands, and butt?


They are also on my hand between my fingers and my buttox. I went to a doctor but he didn't know what it was and he gave me some permethrin cream and it didn't help at all and I have had this rash for a month and a half.


You should definitely go back to see your primary care doctor about this issue. Alternatively, since the issue has been going on for such a long time without resolution, you could seek help from a dermatologist. Permethrin is a cream that is used to treat infection of the skin with scabies, which can certainly cause the types of red itchy spots that you are mentioning. Scabies can be difficult to treat. Sometimes, even when properly diagnosed, the condition may not go away with permethrin, in part because the bug that causes the scabies may cling to bedclothes and clothing. Therefore, reconsidering whether this still might be scabies, failing a first treatment with permethrin, is definitely in order. Another condition which is sometimes overlooked by doctors that can cause red itchy bumps are bedbugs, which are becoming more and more of a problem these days in certain parts of the country. Similarly, in households with pets, flea bites can occasionally be a problem. Additionally, a number of conditions not related to infestations are also possible, including eczema or an allergic reaction of the skin. Your doctor will be able to take a look at these spots and help you figure out what to do! Make an appointment today!

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