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"I twisted my ankle and now my knee hurts worse than my ankle; what could I have done to it? "

ZocdocAnswersI twisted my ankle and now my knee hurts worse than my ankle; what could I have done to it?


I twisted my ankle while walking around at work. I work in a bar that is often times over crowded with people elbow to elbow. I twisted it while going through a group of people and there was a bunched up mat on the ground, by the end of the night my knee was hurting as well and by the next day my knee was hurting more than my ankle. What might I have done? And what are my options to take care of it?


It is not at all uncommon to injure more than one part of the leg when you have a twisting accident like this one. Also, it is not uncommon for all of the injuries to not be apparent immediately, because the pain may not set in until the injured area becomes inflamed and swollen in reaction to the injury. You should definitely have your primary care doctor check your injuries for serious damage. It is most likely that you are suffering from a sprain of the ankle and probably of the knee as well. A sprain is an injury that occurs when the ligaments that stabilize the joint become stretched, resulting in swelling, pain, and difficulty moving the joint. Most sprains are not very serious, but they can be quite painful and they can require quite a bit of time to heal up completely. Therefore, I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor about the issue. The first thing they will be able to do is to make sure that you have not caused any serious damage to either the ankle or the knee. If there is any doubt, they may want x-rays to take a closer look at the joints. They will also be able to make recommendations about treatment, which might include rest, elevating the leg, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications. Make an appointment today!

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