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"Why is my face oily in the morning and dry at night, and how can I treat it?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my face oily in the morning and dry at night, and how can I treat it?


I swim so my face gets dry and flaky after practice, which ends around 7, and then if i dont wash it because i dont want it to get more dry, its oily in the morning. What should I do or what type of cleansers should i take in the morning and at night?


This is an issue you should discuss with your dermatologist or primary care doctor. It is possible that your face is drying out after swim practice mostly because the water in the pool (and especially the chemicals used to disinfect the water) are making your face dry and flaky. If this is the case, then moisturizing your face immediately after practice might be the best way to avoid the problem. Interestingly, if your skin becomes dry and irritated, this can stimulate an overproduction of oil as a natural protective mechanism. In other words, your skin might be oily in the mornings precisely because it is dry and irritated at night, and using a moisturizer might break the cycle. Again, you should mention this issue to your primary care doctor or your dermatologist. They can take a look at your skin to make sure this is not a more significant skin problem, such as eczema, which might require treatment other than moisturizing. Also, they can make recommendations about other skin products that might be useful to you, especially if this problem continues to persist. Make an appointment with your doctor today.

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