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"Can your period come if you have a corpus luteum cyst?"

ZocdocAnswersCan your period come if you have a corpus luteum cyst?


I was told that I had a corpus luteum cyst that might delay my period. My period just came. Does that mean the cyst is gone? I ask because I want to get back to my exercise routine. But I've been nervous to do that with the cyst since I've heard that exercise can cause the ovary to twist. Is it likely safe to go back to my usual routine now that my period has arrived?


I recommend you talk with your OB GYN about this. As your doctor probably told you, a corpus luteum cyst is a type of functional (e.g. normal) cyst that is sometimes produced inside the ovary after ovulation. Usually, the corpus luteum cyst causes no symptoms at all and goes away after a few months. Sometimes, however the cyst may be so large that it can result in significant enlargement of the ovary. This can, occasionally, cause pain and may increase your risk of ovarian torsion (twisting of the ovary). Also, occasionally, the cyst may be so large that it inhibits the development of any new eggs inside that ovary, which may cause menstrual irregularity if the next developing egg happens to be inside that ovary rather than the other. Most of the time, no special treatment (including no special restrictions on exercise) are needed when a person has a corpus luteum cyst. However, this would be a good issue to talk with your OB GYN doctor about, because if the cyst is very large, then they may indeed suggest some restrictions on exercise. They may also have some recommendations about pain control. If necessary, they may perform an ultrasound to see if the cyst is starting to go away. Make an appointment today!

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