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"Do these symptoms mean I'm pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersDo these symptoms mean I'm pregnant?


Symptoms nausea (no vomiting), Constant sleeping/tiredness, bloating Headache, backaches, gum bleeding after brushing teeth, horrible moodiness, sweet tooth cravings (m&m's), weight gain (4 pounds so far), constipation, frequent urinating, cramping (baby stretching??) BUT no bigger breast or tenderness, and negative hpt, and also still getting "normal periods"(3 since intercourse aug 11) my aunt was explaining that is possible to have your period throughout your whole pregnancy and only a blood test will confirm that I am pregnant or not. If I am I would be 15 or 16 weeks (3 months). Could I be pregnant?


The fact that you have had so many negative pregnancy tests is certainly an argument against you being pregnant. While it is possible to have a false negative pregnancy test, it is quite uncommon to have so many (3, to date) and to still be having normal periods. After all that you have been through, it certainly seems like the most prudent thing to do would be to go and see your doctor and have a quantitative test (the blood test that your aunt spoke of) and determine if you really are pregnant. Given that the true answer would be provided so readily, it just seems to make the most sense. As for all of the symptoms that you are describing, these certainly are some of the symptoms that women will complain of during pregnancy, but they are also common complaints that women, or men, will have for hundreds of other reasons. There are so many other conditions that would explain each of these, that without more information and a physical exam it would be impossible to tell you exactly what is wrong. Please, practice safe sex habits and speak with your doctor about your questions to be able to know for sure. Start by booking an appointment today.

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