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"Could my irregular period be a symptom of implantation bleeding?"


My cycle is 28 days long and my periods are really regular. I usually start on the 14th or 16th of every month but last month I started on the 9th. I was supposed to start on the 5th this month but instead had brown discharge on the 3rd.


I recommend you discuss this with your primary care doctor or OB GYN. Implantation bleeding is a type of vaginal bleeding that occurs when fertilized eggs drifts down the fallopian tubes into the uterus and finally implants in the uterine lining. This physical event of implantation is often accompanied by light spotting (implantation bleeding) and sometimes cramping as well.

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The timing of your bleeding last month, which started about a week or so before your normal period would start, would be about the right time for implantation bleeding to occur. However, implantation bleeding doesn't lead to a full period -- if it did, then this would represent a miscarriage, rather than the start of a pregnancy. It sounds from your question like that last period was a full period, which would make pregnancy unlikely. I would recommend discussing this issue with your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor, especially if you continue to have menstrual irregularity. They will be able to perform a pregnancy test (if necessary) as well as consider other causes of irregularity, which could include things like alterations in thyroid hormone levels or cysts in the ovaries. They may want to get some additional testing, such as blood work or an ultrasound of the reproductive organs, to help with this workup. Make an appointment today.

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