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"How can I ensure that what I bough is actually Silagra? "

ZocdocAnswersHow can I ensure that what I bough is actually Silagra?


I don't have the pills yet so I really don't know what they look like. I bought Sildenafil Citrate (Cipla's Silagra) online. How do I ensure it is actually Silagra?


This is something you should definitely discuss with your doctor. Buying any medication (or anything for that matter!) requires a large amount of trust between the buyer and the seller. The buyer trusts that your credit card will go through, and you trust that what you are buying will actually be the medication. What you are even more specifically hoping is that the medication, whatever it may be, will work to help you without untoward side effects. While buying from a reputable source which prescribes to appropriate guidelines within the industry is always the best bet, there is no way to know that a medication will work for you until you have actually tried it. All of this being said, however, a licensed pharmacy in the United States, online or a brick and mortar store, are closely regulated by the US FDA. There are regular tests of the products that are being manufactured and sold. As you also suggest, going online to compare the picture of what the pill should look like to what it does look like can provide an added measure of comfort. It is not recommended to purchase medications without having a prescription from your doctor, and there is some additional safety in having a pharmacist that you can work with. If you have purchased your medication from an unlicensed source or have any questions, please speak to your doctor and pharmacist.

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