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"I pulled my tooth out a few months ago and today it just started bleeding - why?"

ZocdocAnswersI pulled my tooth out a few months ago and today it just started bleeding - why?


I think some of my tooth is still in there could it be trying to come out


It sounds from the information you provided that you may have tried removing the tooth yourself. This is not generally a good idea, because it can be difficult sometimes to remove the tooth entirely. This is especially the case if the tooth is falling out because of a bad cavity, as this tends to hollow out the tooth inside making it fragile and predispose to small pieces breaking off. I would, therefore, recommend that you go to see your dentist as soon as you can. They will be able to take a look at the spot where you removed the tooth to see how it is healing and investigate the source of the bleeding. If there is a fragment of tooth still stuck in the socket, which I think is quite likely, then they will be able to help remove it. This can be tricky, depending on how small or how deep the fragment of tooth is, and they may want x-rays to better localize any remaining fragments before proceeding. In the future, if you ever have problems with other teeth, make sure to see your dentist in a timely fashion, rather than taking care of the problem yourself! Make an appointment with your dentist today.

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