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"Do all the top teeth need to be completely removed for immediate dentures?"


Some teeth broken & not removed. Can dentures be made properly with some teeth not totally extracted?


This is a question that only your dentist will be completely able to answer for you, so I recommend making an appointment to be evaluated as soon as you can. Basically, it is common to remove all teeth from the area where the denture will sit. Leaving tooth fragments under this area is a bad idea, because it causes pressure and pain from the denture plate pressing on the teeth.

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Even small fractured teeth can be a problem under the denture plate, and so they are typically all removed. However, it is not always necessary to use a complete denture. For example, sometimes teeth on one or both sides of the area where the denture is needed are still in good shape. In this case, your dentist might advise getting a partial denture, which would preserve these good teeth on either side. However, teeth underneath the area of the denture would still need to be removed. Your dentist will be able to give you more specific advice about how many teeth will need to be removed and what the next steps after tooth extraction will be for getting your denture fitted! Make an appointment today, and good luck!

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