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"Can tea tree oil relieve earache even with ear tubes?"

ZocdocAnswersCan tea tree oil relieve earache even with ear tubes?


Can my grandma use tea tree oil for relief of her earache if she has ear tubes?


Tea tree oil is a commonly used alternative medical remedy. The oil of the tea tree does have some anti-pain and antibiotic properties. However, it is also highly irritating. As such, it should not be placed in body orifices without consulting with your doctor. It should especially not be placed inside the ear canals when ear tubes are present, as the oil could get into the middle ear through the ear tube, where it could cause significant inflammation and irritation. Rather, what your grandmother should do is consult with her primary care doctor or her ear, nose, and throat doctor about what to do about this pain. Ear tubes are often put in to the ears when there is a chronic collection of fluid behind the ears that causes pressure and pain and trouble hearing. Therefore, if your grandmother is having pain in the ears again, this might be a sign that the ear tubes have fallen out or become clogged. This is something that her doctor should be able to tell with a simple examination of the ear canal using an otoscope. If the tubes are malfunctioning or if they have fallen out, her ENT doctor will be able to advise her about whether or not they should be replaced. Book an appointment today.

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