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"Why can't I maintain my erection?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy can't I maintain my erection?


I am 19 years old and am having serious sexual issues. I have a hard time getting an erection during intercourse and when I do, I almost never can maintain the erection for longer than 3-5 minutes; and I do not reach the point of orgasm through vaginal stimulation. My partner does participate in oral activities and I enjoy it, but some of the time I can't even get an erection through oral. I can however get an erection and reach orgasm through masturbation. I have been dealing with this problem since I lost my virginity at age 15. I have been taking various anti-depressants since 16, and have taken 'vacation weeks' from them numerous times to see if this problem stems from me taking medication. Although dangerous and irresponsible, I have tried to self medicate myself with Viagra that was provided to me by a friend, and it worked. I was able to get and maintain an erection throughout intercourse, but was not able to reach orgasm. I'm at my wits end and need help.


You need to see your primary care doctor, rather than trying to deal with this issue on your own. The fact that you can have an erection and orgasm with masturbation indicates that everything is "working" fine. This makes the possibility of a serious underlying medical problem as the cause of your sexual dysfunction, much less likely. Indeed, in the absence of known medical problems, the causes of sexual dysfunction in someone your age are almost always related to stress, fatigue, anxiety, or a mood problem, such as depression. Nevertheless, starting with your primary care doctor is the best way to go. They will be able to perform a checkup to make absolutely certain that there is nothing medical going on. If not, then the next step would be to work with either your primary care doctor or your psychiatrist to figure out if mood symptoms of depression are well controlled or if the problem is more related to lifestyle issues, such as stress. Depending on what this investigation reveals, they will be able to give you advice about how to proceed and what you can do to overcome this problem. Book an appointment your doctor today!

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