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"I've been bleeding for 2 weeks after a LEEP procedure 2 months ago... should I be concerned?"

ZocdocAnswersI've been bleeding for 2 weeks after a LEEP procedure 2 months ago... should I be concerned?


I had a leep procedure 2 months ago, I hade grade 3 severe case, they accidentally nipped my cervix wall because I jumped but they said it would be ok, I bled for about 2 weeks and had cramps like they said, I waited 4 weeks before I had sex and everything has been fine up until now, I started bleeding over 2 weeks ago now, it's not a period it's bright red/pink started off heavy them slowed down then one day it would be heavy again then I would only have blood on the tissue wen I wiped myself but yet again it's become heavier again and there's tiny black clots! I've not had much pain, last week I had a bit of pain on my left side under my ribs. Could this have something to do with the leep procedure, I'm a little worried and don't know wether I need to be checked by a doctor.


The short answer is that you should be seen by your doctor again to make sure that everything is fine. While it could just be that some of the scar from the previous procedure has fallen off (which might explain the black spots that you saw), it is also possible that it could be some area that needs to be examined more closely. The LEEP procedures are quite simple and provide both excellent information to the doctor and pathologist as well as a potential treatment for many early stage problems. As with any procedure, however, there are things that need to be examined and regular follow up is important. In general, whenever a lady experiences vaginal bleeding outside of her normal menstrual cycle, it is important to be examined. This is especially true when you have had a recent procedure done, and then becomes more true again when you are told that what was found was somewhat severe. As for the pain that you are experiencing under your ribs, it is hard to say what that might be, and it seems unlikely to be related. You should, however, speak to your doctor soon both about that and also about the bleeding.

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