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"Do I have ADD?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have ADD?


I'm 14 and lately my focus and concentration is deteriorating and my mind is wandering. I can find myself daydreaming in class, not paying attention even if I try. I constantly lose my train of thought and sometimes I feel like I can't control my mind. Any ideas?


ADD, or attention deficit disorder (also related to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD), can be found in many age groups, although it is often thought of as being a disorder that affects only young children, and often thought of as just affecting boys. As with all psychiatric disorders, it is defined by a set of symptoms that, when present, indicate that the diagnosis of ADHD may be appropriate. Symptom checkers are available in many places online, but symptoms should include inattention and hyperactivity that are inappropriate for age and developmental level, and have been disruptive. Additionally, these must be present in more than just a single setting, and cannot be in the setting of another psychiatric issue. There must be some signs of the disorder before the age of 7 as well. The symptoms can then be subdivided into subtypes of ADHD based on the more prevalent features of the disorder, whether that be inattention or hyperactivity or a mixed type with features of both present for more than 6 months. If you are concerned about your mind wandering, there could be many possible answers. The best thing is to speak to your parents or guardian and your doctor about your concerns.

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