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"My period lasted more than 7 days... should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersMy period lasted more than 7 days... should I be worried?


My period lasted more than 7 days, and now I'm having light dark blood. Crampin. What should I do ?


This depends on how long your periods usually last for and how regular they are. If this is completely out of the norm for you, then you should speak with your doctor to determine if there is anything else that may be causing this long period. Also, if you have unusual symptoms or anything else that may be concerning to you, this could be a related symptom. It is difficult to tell without more information, however, as this may be close to your norm or you may have had a recent change in your medications (such as starting a blood thinner or changing your birth control). In any rate, if you are concerned about your continued bleeding and pain, speaking to your doctor will help to resolve your fears. 7 days may be a simple nothing, or it may be a sign of something that needs to be taken care of by your doctor in the not too distant future. Sometimes the symptoms that you are describing could even be signs of an early pregnancy that did not continue, as a high percentage of pregnancies will terminate in this fashion. This is not the most likely cause, but it is just an example that suggests that you should speak with your doctor.

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