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"Why do I have blood in my semen?"


When I ejaculate, it has blood in it.


This is something that should be evaluated by your doctor, as it could be a sign of an infection of your prostate or something else that is going on in your genitourinary tract. It could also be a sign of a change in your diet that is causing your semen to appear like it is a different color. Of course the most concerning possibility is that this may be caused by cancer.

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If that doesn't convince you to see a doctor, I'm not sure what will! Blood in the semen may indicate some trauma, such as a recent surgery or injury, to the area. If you do not have any of these that you can recall, your doctor may be able to provide further suggestions as to what might have caused it just by speaking with you and asking you a few more questions about the timeline of when this started and if it is becoming more noticeable. Also, associated symptoms would be of interest and may point your doctor in the right direction to be able to help you with the right tests or studies. Please speak with your doctor to make sure there is not something serious.

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