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"Why does my thumb hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my thumb hurt?


i play goalie in soccer. one time i didn't wear gloves and a powerful kick hit my palm to where my thumb is at and ever since than my thumb has been in pain where the joint is. i have no idea whats wrong. i tried wrapping it, icy hot , a massage and dipping it in hot water.


I'm sorry to hear about this injury. Since you are continuing to have pain without relief, I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor (or your sports medicine doctor) to see if you've caused any serious damage or need any specific treatment. By far the most likely thing is that you've just had some serious bruising and soft tissue damage that is going to take a while to clear up. Sometimes it can take several weeks to get back to normal after an injury like this. However, I think it is also worth ruling out a fractured bone in the palm of the hand as well as a more serious ligament injury at the base of the thumb. Your doctor will be able to examine the area and determine if you need x-rays or any additional workup. In terms of treatment, they may recommend a brace for the thumb, rest, and anti inflammatory medications for a few weeks. On the other hand, if there is evidence of fracture or serious ligament injury, they will want to refer you to see an orthopedic hand specialist for further treatment. Please make an appointment as soon as you can!

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