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"What is the painful bump that developed on my gums after tooth extraction?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the painful bump that developed on my gums after tooth extraction?


I had 5 wisdom teeth removed at once. They're healing up nicely, except the site where I had two. There seems to be a bump on gums. It hurts. The tooth next to the extraction site, where the bump is, also hurts when I press on it. I'm worried its an infection.


I'd recommend calling or going in to see the oral surgeon who performed your surgery to remove the teeth in the first place. They will be able to take a look inside your mouth to make sure things are healing up as they should be and that there are no complications. After the extraction of a wisdom tooth, there is a pretty substantial cavity that is left in the jaw. This takes a while to fill in and heal over, and sometimes the newly regenerating tissue that is filling in the cavity can be very delicate and sensitive. This might explain the "bump" that you have noticed. Also, small nerve roots may be damaged when the extraction is performed, which could explain some of the sensitivity you are feeling in the surrounding teeth. All of that being said, however, it is important to rule out an infection, as you wish to do, as well as other complications such as persistent bruising or failure to heal over properly. Your surgeon can help you decide whether or not everything is proceeding as expected, or if it might be necessary to treat the symptoms that you are having. Contact your doctor for advice today!

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