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"Why did I have my period twice this month?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy did I have my period twice this month?


i had my period it lasted 4 days. a week later it came on and it lasted 3 days. i just been cramping and i had a period twice this month. i wanted to know whats going on.


Without more information, it is difficult to explain for sure why you have had your period in this fashion. I recommend discussing this issue with your primary care doctor or OB GYN. For most people, their period is somewhat regular and they are able to predict when it will come and end. For a sizeable group, however, there are many irregularities that make it difficult to predict exactly what will happen. If you normally have a very regular period and this month was different, then there are questions that need to be answered. Have you just had a baby? Did you change, start, or stop a new medication such as birth control? Is there something else that has changed in your overall health? Any of these, and many more questions, will help your doctor to be able to clarify exactly what is causing the change in your normal menstrual cycle. Alternatively, even the level of sexual intercourse that you have been having and what birth control method you use can play into the thoughts that your doctor may be having. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns if this is unusual for you, as some of the possible causes could be things that need to be examined in greater detail. Book an appointment today!

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