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"How can I stop the boils?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I stop the boils?


I keep getting painful boils on my arms, and they always come back! How do I get them to stop?


The boils you describe do sound very painful and bothersome. Unfortunately, as you are discovering, they do seem to affect some people more often than others, for reasons that are not entirely clear. I recommend you see your primary care doctor to discuss your situation. From your description, it sounds like you may be getting recurrent staph aureus infections, possibly from a specific type of staph bacteria that is quite aggressive (known as MRSA). It will be impossible to determine this for sure without evaluation by a physician, but this is a very common scenario and most people will describe recurrent boils in either the underarm or groin area. After discussing the history of your skin issues and examining the area, your doctor may want to do one of several things. First, if you have any active abscesses it will be important to drain them and possibly treat you with a course of antibiotics to prevent more serious infection. Second, some patients with recurrent boils can be effectively treated with a course of antibiotic body wash. In people with these recurrent infections, the bacteria causing the problem can colonize the skin, and completing a course of antibiotic body wash can be very helpful. Finally, depending on your symptoms, your doctor may also want to consider having you evaluated by a dermatologist. Start by booking an appointment today!

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