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"What is Goodpasture's syndrome?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is Goodpasture's syndrome?


After some problems with his kidneys my brother found out he had goodpasture's syndrome. What is it exactly?


I'm sorry to hear that your brother is dealing with this diagnosis. Goodpasture's syndrome is essentially one of the autoimmune disease, in which the body produces antibodies that react against components of the body itself, leading to symptoms. In the case of Goodpasture's syndrome, these antibodies react with a component of collagen that forms part of the structure of the kidneys, and also of the lungs. Therefore, the symptoms of Goodpasture's typically occur in the kidneys and also in the lungs. Lung involvement is not found in all patients. The symptoms of Goodpasture's syndrome generally involve the sudden and rapid development of kidney damage or kidney failure. There is often blood in the urine as one of the first signs. In those who have lung involvement, there may also be bleeding into the lungs, which can be very serious if it occurs in large quantities. Treatment for Goodpasture's syndrome involves, acutely, filtering of the blood to try to remove some of the antibodies that are causing the problem. Subsequently medications to try to suppress the immune reaction are needed to bring the condition under control. This therapy is usually all coordinated by a kidney doctor, or nephrologist, who should be able to answer any additional questions your brother might have.

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