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"Does my daughter have oral thrush?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes my daughter have oral thrush?


My 5 year old daughter has a sore throat and has been having trouble swallowing, and she has white spots in the back of her throat. Is this oral thrush or is it something else?


I am sorry to hear that she has been having this problem. It is important that she be seen by a doctor for several reasons, not just because of what you are seeing in her mouth. If she has had a hard time swallowing for any period of time, it would be important to make sure that she is not dehydrated. Children can become dehydrated very quickly, and may even need to receive extra fluids in order to make up for what has been missed. Often, this will lead to an improvement in symptoms without any other intervention. Depending on the other symptoms, however, it is more likely that your daughter has something other than thrush. Thrush is most likely to be present in those who are immunocompromised or have another medical explanation for the problem (such as someone on inhaled steroids for asthma who forgets to rinse his or her mouth carefully after each use of the inhaler). Other, perhaps more likely, reasons for the sores in the back of her throat include things such as strep throat, a bacterial infection, or even viral infections such as hand, foot, and mouth disease. If your daughter is still having symptoms and spots, please see her doctor.

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