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"Why am I feeling pain when breaking wind?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I feeling pain when breaking wind?


Lately I've been having pain when I break wind. This seems really strange to me and I haven'e had this before. Any idea what it could be?


This is a question to discuss with your primary care doctor. While this could be something simple, it is important to make sure that there is nothing more serious that could be causing this. If you have had any surgery on your belly before, or especially in the area of the pain, this is more likely to be a problem. You should speak with your surgeon or the doctor who has taken care of you. Other than that, the most important thing to know in order to explain your symptoms is the location of the pain and how long this problem has been happening for. If it is something of very recent onset, say, in the last day or less, than it is possibly something related to gas, bloating, something you ate, etc, all of which are likely to improve with time or a little over the counter medication to help with upset stomach. If it is instead from the area of your anus and the pain is sharp, then this could mean some sort of obstruction or even something infectious near the area. Again, please speak to your doctor. Good luck.

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