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"Can mild scoliosis be treated?"


My sister told me that her son has mild scoliosis and I'm worried about how it will change his life. Is there a treatment for it?


Scoliosis is defined as an abnormal curvature of the spine, and it’s something you can discuss with an orthopedic surgeon. Mild scoliosis is that which is not severe, where the angle of the curvature is small. Most of the time scoliosis causes no symptoms, or symptoms of mild back pain.

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The back pain is often due to strain placed on the muscles of the back. Occasionally, scoliosis can cause spinal instability which can require surgery if symptoms are severe enough. Sometimes scoliosis can cause the mechanics of breathing more difficult. As people age, sometimes they can experience shortness of breath because of chest wall restriction. Keep in mind that most of the problems outlined above are most common in people that have severe scoliosis. The typical person with mild scoliosis lives a completely normal life, usually completely symptom free. The most common symptom of someone with mild curvature would be intermittent back pain later in life. Most people do not need invasive procedures such as back surgery. Many people with scoliosis-induced back pain can control it well with physical therapy. The physician that your sister's son should see about this problem is an orthopedic surgeon. He or she can explain the severity of the situation and give your sister a sense of what complications (if any) he is likely to have later in life.

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