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""Why I am feeling hot, feverish and faint?""

ZocdocAnswers"Why I am feeling hot, feverish and faint?"


I took the past few days off of work since I've been feeling hot, feverish and faint out of nowhere. What could be the cause? I am a 34 year old woman.


Your symptoms sound very unpleasant, particularly if they are severe enough to cause you to miss work. If you are feeling this unwell the best thing to do is make an appointment to see your primary care physician right away for an evaluation. Your doctor will want to hear more about your symptoms and put this together with an examination and a review of your health history and medications to get a sense of what is going on. Overall, your symptoms sound very much like you could have an infection of some kind. This is the time of year for viral infections, including influenza. In particular, the flu can make you feel very unwell (feverish, chills, body aches, fatigue, sometimes nausea) very quickly. Many people eventually diagnosed with influenza will report that they knew "the exact moment" when they first got sick. Beyond the flu, other viruses can make you feel ill, as can bacterial infections. It will be important for your doctor to ask about any other symptoms, including cough, trouble breathing, headache, sinus congestions, or abdominal distress (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) to get a better idea of what might be affecting you. While you are feeling unwell and feverish it is probably best to stay away from work. And, if you haven't gotten the flu shot yet this year, that would be a good thing to talk to your physician about!

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