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"What are liver spots?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are liver spots?


What are liver spots? My grandma has them, is this dangerous? Is there something wrong with her liver?


Liver spots could be from multiple causes, and are more of a description than an actual diagnoses. It would take speaking to her doctor, who knows more about her background and medical history, to get the best answer. Additionally, the way that the spots look on whatever test was ordered would provide valuable information that would help with the full diagnosis of what these is and how they will affect her going forward. Depending on her history and what these spots look like, they could vary anywhere from benign, normal findings all the way to life threatening signs of something as serious as a cancer. With only the information that you provide in the question it is impossible to tell more details, so I highly recommend speaking to the doctor about this. Usually, the liver will appear relatively homogenous (the same throughout) on imaging such as ultrasounds and advanced xrays like CT scans. When there are changes within the body of the liver itself, these can appear as spots within the liver. Again, depending on her history, your doctor may feel the need to get a biopsy of the spots, which can sometimes be done with a needle. Other times, he or she may choose to leave them alone. Please speak to her doctor for more information.

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