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"Why might my bottom be itchy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy might my bottom be itchy?


My bottom is really itchy lately. How can I get it to stop, and should I be worried?


Any time that you have a new symptom that persists for any amount of time, it makes sense to speak with your doctor about your complaint. In your situation, there are many obvious possibilities. The first concerns the bacterial load at your anus. In many situations, people will find that the itching is the worst right after defecation or a few hours later, which is often due to some increased bacteria that remain in the area despite wiping. This irritation can persist until the next time that you bathe, and some people find that sanitation wipes can help with this problem. Often, hemorrhoids are present and can become inflamed and itchy as well. As above, bathing and hygiene are important, as well as sitz baths (a bath in lukewarm water that helps to clean the area). Another possibility is allergies to something that you are placing near your anus, although this is less likely. Again, please speak to your doctor to make sure there is nothing that needs to be treated medically and to help with your symptoms as needed.

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