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"How can I treat the blister on my heel?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I treat the blister on my heel?


There's a blister on my heel that won't go away. I'm wondering what the cause might be, and if I should treat it with something.


This is a good question to discuss with your doctor. Blisters are extremely common, and are usually due to persistent irritation. Over time, the blister will usually release the fluid that is inside and the overlying skin will slough off. The deeper layers of skin will start to react and more thickness will result, leaving you with a callous that will protect the area from future irritation. If you have a blister that persists for a long time without going through that cycle, or signs of infection or other problems to do with the blister, you should speak with your doctor. While not necessary in most cases, your doctor may decide to drain the blister to help speed up the process of healing. If the area begins to look inflamed or angry, there are times that a topical antibiotic could be used for a short period of time as well, but this is, again, less common. In general, protecting the area with good shoes and a covering such as mole skin to prevent continued irritation are most likely to lead to a rapid recovery and a minimum in problematic symptoms. Again, please speak to your doctor.

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