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"What should my wife do for kidney problems?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should my wife do for kidney problems?


My wife is probably experiencing kidney problems according to her doctor. I'm not really sure what is causing it and what she should be doing to help it. She is only 46.


It sounds like this is a difficult time for both you and your wife. It is always unsettling to find out that there may be a problem with your health, especially when you may have had minimal symptoms. Overall the best thing for your wife to do is to make sure that she keeps her appointments with all of her physicians for the evaluation required to investigate new kidney problems. Depending upon who identified this issue (likely from routine laboratory work), your wife's doctor may want to consider referring her to a kidney specialist. There are many health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure that can contribute to kidney difficulties, and it is possible that this may be part of what is affecting your wife. In addition, there are other conditions that can arise very quickly (kidney stones, infections, blockage in one of the arteries bringing blood to the kidney) that can also cause changes in kidney function. In order to put together the full picture about your wife's health, her doctor will need to go over her history, any new events or changes in the recent past, as well as perform an examination that may involve additional laboratory testing or even some imaging studies. This may take a little time to complete, but it is important to be thorough to understand the best way to move forward with treatment.

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