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"What is chronic prostatitis?"

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My husband has chronic prostatitis according to his doctor. Should I be worried? What does this mean exactly?


This is a discussion your husband should have with his doctor. Chronic prostatitis simply means that the prostate gland continues to be inflamed, usually for more than 3-6 months, even after treatment for any acute infections and the elimination of other potential triggers. This condition is usually managed either by a urologist or by a primary care doctor. Treatment of chronic prostatitis is usually aimed at suppressing any low-level infection that might still be present in the prostate gland as well as suppressing inflammation and continued tissue growth within the prostate. This is usually accomplished by a combination of medications to suppress prostate inflammation (such as a class of medications called alpha blockers) and antibiotics. Usually these medications will be trialed for at least a month or two to see if they are effective. For more chronic cases that do not respond to these treatments, it may also be necessary to add long-term medications to help with the nerve-mediated pain associated with the condition. Most people with chronic prostatitis will respond fairly well to these treatments, although there can definitely be very long-term low level symptoms, such as pelvic pain or burning with urination. Again, your husband should discuss treatment plans in greater detail with his doctor.

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