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"What can cause a low sex drive?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause a low sex drive?


I'm a 36 year old woman and my sex drive has gotten really low. I have no idea as this came out nowhere but it's been a problem for a while, and it's really been disrupting my marriage. Are there medical solutions?


A low sex drive is a very common problem, especially prevalent among women in the demographic that you are describing. There are many different causes that can be treated, such as poor health in a specific part of your life or something in the past that may be detracting from your sex life. Any of these can and should be treated, as a low libido can be more of a symptom than a separate condition. For other women, medications that they take, even something as common as birth control, may be the cause of a low libido. Speaking with the prescribing doctor can sometimes suggest changes that may result in an improved sex life. Often, however, these searches for a simple change are unsuccessful, and there are many factors (including the daily stresses of life) that are to blame for the change or decrease in sex drive. If this is true in your case, there are still things that can be done to help. While there are efforts being made to develop a medication that will help to boost libido, they are still in the early stages. Speaking with either your primary care doctor or a trained therapist or physician may provide some suggestions that add value. Please speak to your doctor--this is a common complaint, and physicians need to know about it in order to help.

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