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"When can I have an abortion?"

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I know I'm pregnant but I know there's only a certain window to have an abortion. When is too early, and when is too late?


I would definitely recommend going to see your OB GYN doctor, if they provide abortion services as soon as possible. If your OB GYN doctor does not provide abortion services directly, then they should be able to refer you to a community clinic, such as a Planned Parenthood clinic, that does. It is best to be seen quickly because the range of options that you have available to you changes later in pregnancy. For example, "medical abortions" using oral medications to induce termination of the pregnancy are an attractive and safe option, but they typically can only be used if you are less than about 8 weeks into the pregnancy. After 8 weeks, most pregnancy terminations are performed surgically, dilating the cervix and extracting the contents of the uterus manually. These surgical procedures are routinely performed up to about 14 weeks of pregnancy, more or less. After 14 weeks, you have fewer options, because many providers may not have the skills to perform the procedures. Also, depending on the state you live in, abortion may be prohibited after about 20 weeks or so of the pregnancy. In other words, the sooner you go to see your doctor to figure out your options the better. Book an appointment with you OB GYN today.

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