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"How common are Brazilian waxes?"

ZocdocAnswersHow common are Brazilian waxes?


I've been wanting to get a Brazilian wax for a while now, since it seems like everyone has them. Are they that common? And it seems like there could be some complications?


Brazilian waxes are indeed becoming very popular. Many beauty salons now offer them, and consumer review websites can often help you figure out which salons are most reputable and offer the best customer experience. For most people, a Brazilian wax is well tolerated and unlikely to cause complications. The actual process is a little uncomfortable, but the beautician or salon staff who perform the procedure will be able to talk you through that. There are two major potential complications of the Brazilian wax. The first is that there can be localized irritation of the skin where the wax is applied. This tends to go away after a few days, but it may require medical treatment if severe or if it persists. The second is that the procedure can predispose you to local skin infections, like folliculitis. Therefore, it is always important to see your doctor after the procedure if you notice any painful red bumps or other signs of skin infection, as these may require treatment. As always , these sorts of general health questions are great questions to ask your primary care doctor. You can always ask your doctor for an opinion on these sorts of topics.

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