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"What can cause excessively greasy hair?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause excessively greasy hair?


I think my scalp is producing too much oil/grease. My hair gets greasy one day after washing! Should I be worried, and is there anything I can do?


Very greasy hair can be annoying and can even cause some to feel very self-conscious. In most cases, it is simply a result of normal hormonal variations, or even just the way that your skin happens to regulate itself. The scalp has some of the same oil and grease producing glands that the rest of your skin has, and so production of extra oil and grease can just be a manifestation of the same phenomenon on the rest of your skin surfaces, only trapped more so in your hair. Daily washing with a deep cleaning shampoo is sufficient for many people to overcome this problem. Others may need to speak with their primary care doctor, who may suggest some dietary changes (perhaps decreasing the amount of oily or fatty foods that one consumes, or making the diet healthier in general), or may be able to see other problems such as skin reactions to something that is occurring in the environment. He or she may suggest that hormonal tests are needed, although this is much less likely to be the cause for the majority of cases. Speak to your doctor about this question if you have concerns. Good luck!

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