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"What can cause veins to be prominent?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause veins to be prominent?


My veins are so prominent on my arms, and I get comments on it! I wish I could pop them back in. What's the cause, and should I be worried?


Generally speaking, prominent veins on the arms are due to variations in personal genetics and are not typically a problem that needs treatment, but if you are concerned, you should discuss this issue with your primary care doctor. It is more common for males to have prominent veins than females. This is in part because males tend to have less fat deposits under the skin on the arms, which can make the veins less prominent. Similarly, women who are very slender may have more prominent veins. Also more muscular people may have more prominent veins because the extra muscle bulk may "push" the veins out more. Prominent veins in the legs are less common than prominent veins in the arms. In the legs, when veins become dilated and prominent, this may be due to degeneration or aging, and this is called "varicose veins." Varicose veins may sometimes require treatment. However, in the absence of an underlying medical problem, varicose veins are very uncommon in the arms. It would be worth mentioning this issue to your primary care doctor. You should seek more urgent attention if the "prominent veins" is a new change for you, as that can be more suggestive of an underlying problem.

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